04 January 2010

Excellent article about Stieg and Eva

Financial Mail Women's Forum has a wonderful article about Stieg Larsson and Eva Gabrielsson, written by Antonia Hoyle, entitled "The Girl Who Didn’t Inherit a Fortune: Widow of bestselling Swedish author Stieg Larsson has not seen a penny of his £20m." Read it now!


  1. I agree - it was one of the most thorough articles I've read in a long time. Especially the info about Stieg's early life was new to me, and very interesting. I think maybe it's time to do a more elaborate bio on Stieg over at sallys. The wikipedia entry is there, of course - and some other sites, but they rarely go into much detail.

    (Hmm ... have to find extra hours in day ... have to find ... ) :-)

    Happy New Y - by the way!



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  2. Lots of stuff in there I didn't know -- and we had dinner with Eva!

    There's news of another book involving Eva in Svensk Bokhandel's Vårböcker edition -- see if you can track it down.

    Ha' et rigtig godt nytår osse!

  3. Reg, this story seems more heartrending every time I read about it. Just another example of how the law has nothing to do with common sense.
    Happy New Year from freezing Devon from Norm.

  4. Excellent article and thank you for posting it. Having just finished TGWPWF, this brings further depth and resonance to the characters and motivations in Stieg's writing.

    I am left with a sense of injustice. Is there anything that his many readers might do to help?

    And thanks for your blog and the excellent translations.

  5. Yes, there is. Go to www.supporteva.com to see how you can contribute to Eva's legal fund. And buy her books when they come out, I hope later this year. I'll post titles when I have them. Thanks for your help.

  6. Just read Tattoo. Amazing. Poised to purchase Fire on my Kindle. Interesting article. But is Eva disparaging your work here:

    > In 2008 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was
    > published in Britain by MacLehose Press. The
    > sequels followed in quick succession.
    > Eva is dismayed that Stieg’s original title
    > was changed and claims the English language
    > version has been ‘badly rewritten’.

  7. Hi Darryl,

    No, she was referring to the final version as printed in England. She has seen my American original and agrees that it represents Stieg's voice more faithfully.

    The US version of Fire has restored some of my usage. Enjoy -- that's my favorite of the 3.

  8. Ah, so the version I read (Knopf) was your translation? Did MacLehose use that as the basis for their version?

  9. All versions are my translation, with different editing. I haven't read more than part of the first, so I don't know exactly what was changed in each. I translated into American, CM bought it, did his edit, then sold it to Knopf, who then made more changes. Literary scholars of the future will have a field day with this one!

  10. I am a translator as well, and I was wondering about some of the language in the translations. Evidently Larsson's obsession with detailed laptop specifications is his own, but why for example the use of periods in acronyms like U.R.L. and R.A.M. where universally accepted usage is URL, RAM and so on? Even if they were present in the original, I would feel compelled to remove them.

    Other things jumped out at me as well. For example the use of "pressurized" when "pressured" is obviously correct usage, as in "he was being pressured into xxxxx..."

    I don't remember the other points and no longer have the books on hand, but there were more such jarring examples...

    1. None of these are my doing! I used to work at Microsoft so I know how to spell these things. Ask the UK editor at Quercus about it. I was not allowed to change anything.