04 January 2010

UK Bestselling Books of 2009

Tattoo #9, Fire #18


  1. Hi Reg. So pleased you have a blog. Makes it so easy to say what an incredibly amazing job you did on the Larson books. Ive never before really noticed the translator of nay book before but yours was so so bloody good that I actually noticed. In my google search i see on wiki that you won an award for translation of Tattoo. Well deserved. I am also now embroiled in the drama that is the real life saga of Stieg and Eva. *sigh*
    Many thanks for such a great job!

  2. Stay tuned for the latest on the Eva saga, and thanks so much for the compliments. It helps to hear from readers as we work in cloistered isolation!

  3. Dear K,
    Actually I have not won any awards for the translation. All awards have been won by Stieg for his book -- although he didn't write it in English... And of course they are all forwarded to the Larsson family, where they have set up a sort of shrine with bookshelves full of his works in many different languages. Even though they did absolutely nothing to produce these books, they reap all the rewards and awards.

  4. Dear Reg,

    It was so amazing that you have got the three books of millenum series translated to English without losing its glamour. It was really great to read thsoe books. Really waiting for your other works and please do continue your works so that we could also enjoy great swedish works.


  5. Hi Siva,
    Thanks for the compliment. Be sure to check out our lists of works on Wikipedia -- just click on the Hot Links in the right-hand column. We keep translating new ones, and there are plenty of old ones still in print that you can order online.

  6. Hi Reg, just a quick question. I just started reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, on the heels of finishing the first book in the trilogy. I was immediately struck by what I thought was a somewhat punchier, more direct writing style, leaner architecture -- which I like somewhat better. (Here I admit being somewhat overanalytical, as a translator and reporter/writer myself). Any substance to this viewpoint? If so, any thoughts as to the reason for the difference?

  7. Hi Gary, I hadn't noticed a difference beyond Stieg's obvious improvement with each successive book. The "leaner architecture" you mention may be due to the cuts made by the UK editor. I admit to preferring the American tone of my original translation. Please contact me by email if you'd like to go into more detail.