20 June 2010

Off the chain!

This Stieg Larsson thing is going nuts — who knew this would be the "hottest book on the planet"? And how often do you see a book on the cover of EW? Pretty good article, though the main emphasis seems to be on speculation about the casting of the upcoming Hollywood version of TGWTDT.

My vote? Brad Pitt for Blomkvist, old enough yet still a believable babe magnet and an actor with a great range; for Lisbeth Salander, I tend to agree with Roger Ebert that they should just hire Noomi Rapace to do it in English, but I know she's done with that role.

Who will it be? Someone less than 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, and not with a cute round face like some of the possibles being mentioned. Do it right, people, choose an unknown with the right edge!

12 June 2010


Shot at Costco, Albuquerque in April.

Another talk and booksigning in Albuquerque

Sorry for the late notice, but Tiina and I are appearing at Bookworks tomorrow, Sunday, June 13, at 3 p.m. — 4022 Rio Grande Boulevard NW, 344-8139. All you locals come on down!

We will be interviewed and take questions from the audience. The store has ordered in a bunch of our older titles, so you collectors be sure to show up.

Here's a pic from April in front of a theater in Milwaukee showing TGWTDT aka Men Who Hate Women.