31 December 2009

Tiina wins award from Swedish Academy!

A nice Christmas present arrived by phone from the Swedish Academy: a special award for Tiina for her contributions to “the introduction of Swedish culture abroad.” Cited in particular were her translations of works by Per Olov Enquist, Bodil Jönsson, Astrid Lindgren, and Klas Östergren. Here's a photo of the home of the Swedish Academy and the Nobel Museum in the old Stock Exchange building in Gamla Stan. (Thanks to Galen Frysinger of Sheboygan for the loan of the pic — a much better photographer than I, and with much better weather.)


  1. Congratulations Tiina, well deserved.

  2. Congratulations, and happy New Year to you both!

  3. Congratulations, Tiina - and thank you very much!!! Per Olov Enquist and Klas Östergren are now two of my favourite writers and without your great skill I could never have enjoyed them.