29 January 2010

Quoted by the BBC

See the interesting article by Finlo Rohrer in the BBC News Magazine for yet another take on Stieg and his posthumous success.


  1. I've got a simple question that just simply pissed my off when I bought the book.
    Why did you change the title of the book when the author expressly chose a title he wanted? what was your intention?

  2. Hello veryape,
    The UK publisher changed the title for marketing reasons, wanting to make a series based on the title of the 2nd book, which was the correct title in Swedish: hence "The Girl" series. They apparently thought that "Men Who Hate Women" sounded like a nonfiction pop psychology book. Blame them, not me.

  3. Hi Reg
    I have just read through your blog and found it very interesting.
    I found you because I am just reading Lackberg's The Preacher, but I got interested in your blog because my husband and I work as freelance Danish translators, but on academic books. It is very much a part-time, evening project for us because we are both full-time academics, but it was interesting to read about how you and your wife work together.
    With us, my husband, who is the Dane, translates into basic English and then I - who used to work as an editor in publishing - put everything together in beautiful (ha!) English.

  4. You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................