15 March 2009

Karin Alvtegen's Shadow out now

Karin Alvtegen's new psychological thriller is out now in the UK from Canongate, and it boasts her most complex plot yet. The book dissects the family of a Nobel Laureate in Literature, examining the shadow cast by a crime he committed long ago, which eventually has disastrous consequences for everyone connected to him (and even some who aren't). There's a good review here of her last book, Shame. And she has been nominated for an Edgar for an earlier one, Missing, which was recently released in the States. Great creepy stuff. [Thanks/Tack to Lennart Guldbrandsson for the photo from 2005]


  1. This book is brilliant! I read it last week and have submitted a review to Euro Crime. It is absolutely fantastic and should win every award going, if there is any justice in the world.

  2. An interesting choice of pseudonym this time.:o)
    McKinley Burnett was a major figure in Brown v Board of Education case so did you choose the name to make a point.
    I originally chose Uriah [Naval Commodore Uriah Levy] Robinson [Jackie Robinson] in an online argument with some people who would have definitely disapproved of the Brown v Board of Education decision regarding separate but equal education.

  3. Being a blues fan, this pen name is based on the real first and last names of two of the great bluesmen of Mississippi, who both used "pen/harp/guitar/singing" names. An homage to the blues, if you will, which keeps me sane while I translate grisly crime books.