17 March 2009

Karin Alvtegen's Betrayal out from
Felony & Mayhem Press in New York

Maggie Topkis's Felony & Mayhem Press in Greenwich Village has wisely chosen to publish my translation of Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen, originally published by Canongate in Edinburgh. Read their catalog page and buy it, American psychological thriller fans. It's a great choice and may they have much success with it! Karin will be scooping up prizes in the English-speaking world soon, I predict. (While you're at it, buy Shadow too!)


  1. Given that Canongate is an Edinburgh firm and that I live there, it would be nice if more of their books were regularly available in local bookshops! (Ordering is easy enough, but I like to browse.)

  2. For any Canadians who may read this, Steven's translation is also published by Penguin Canada in a very affordable paperback edition (currently sitting high up on my ‘to read’ pile).

  3. Thanks, Thomas, I didn't know that. Canongate is slow to tell me anything.

  4. Betrayal is a must read, creepy yet couldn't put it down. Felony & Mayhem Press also put out Alvtegen's Missing (different translator, though) and have other in the pipeline.

    Since Missing has been nominated for an Edgar prize in the US, Alvtegen is making a US tour beginning this week. She will make two appearances here in Chicago, Thursday and Friday.

    Anyone have more details about the tour?

  5. Hey Chicago, check the details on my latest post -- I just put them up. My take on Betrayal: "Sometimes death isn't the worst thing that can happen."