24 November 2010

"Why I Translate" article in Publishers Weekly

I was recently honored by being the first translator ever asked to contribute to the "Why I Write" feature in Publishers Weekly. Read the 500-word article here. I hope it helps improve working conditions for other literary translators.


  1. Steven, I did like your article, and now I understand why you speak Spanish too.

  2. Gracias, José, wish I spoke it better, but New Mexicans are reluctant to speak it with anyone who doesn't speak Spanish fluently...

  3. Hi! It's nice to know that you translate books / articles. My friend is also an english translator , he is an english hungarian translator and your work is one of a kind. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Dear Steven,

    I enjoyed reading your article in PW very much. I especially enjoyed seeing how you came to be proficient in so many languages.

    Best of luck with your work,

    Everett Autumn (Hank Nielsen in real life)

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