29 August 2009

Models and precursors of Lisbeth Salander?

Photo: Elin Berge

Speculation continues about the women Lisbeth Salander might be modeled on. Here's a pic of Stieg's niece Therese from a Swedish interview. 'It's mostly her stubbornness and her desire to help others that they have in common. But also their looks. Her body is small and her gaze is penetrating. "We could absolutely be friends, Lisbeth Salander and I," says Therese Larsson, the niece of author Stieg Larsson.'

18 August 2009

Moving into German bestsellers

Starting the translation of Peter Prange's German bestseller, Die Philosophin, working title The Philosopher's Kiss. Not Swedish crime for a change, but a philosophical and erotic tale of Diderot's mistress and the Encyclopedia crowd...