22 February 2009

Here comes the first U.S. paperback!

Just found this cover shot of the new U.S. mass market paperback on the Barnes & Noble site. Looks like Vintage Crime/Black Lizard has set a pub date of June 23rd. The book has that clean, cold, Swedish look reminiscent of the UK Camilla Läckberg covers, but with distressed type. (Are those trees from Sweden or upstate New York?) This should help keep Stieg's fans cool on the beach this summer. Fighting global warming one thriller at a time...

The latest award — tusind tak

Thanks so much to Dorte H at DJs krimiblog in Denmark for awarding my blog the Fabulous Blog prize. I'll display it with honor. It kind of goes with my fondness for Sophie Kinsella books. (Hope the Shopaholic movie is good.)

Speaking of movies, Men Who Hate Women is coming out this week in Scandinavia. I'll have to get hold of a DVD to try out the all-region player I've got my eye on — tired of being restricted to region 1. If anyone has any DVDs in Nordic languages to sell/give away/otherwise unload, please let me know. I haven't seen any of the Mankell Wallander movies, either the Swedish or English ones...

12 February 2009

Discovered: Stieg Larsson's emails to his editor

You'll have to read these in Swedish, Norwegian, or the English machine translation by Google (full of errors, of course). The material is apparently copyrighted so I have been prohibited from providing an English translation here. [Try this old link from January 22]

06 February 2009

The Preacher — new Camilla Läckberg out now in UK

My translation of the second in Camilla Läckberg's Fjällbacka series is out now in the UK, featuring dynamic duo Erica Falck and Patrik Hedström.

Camilla has invented a new genre in Sweden, a police procedural combined with a domestic procedural. She's probably the second-best-selling crime author there, right after Stieg Larsson. Please buy this one and the next two so HarperCollins will continue with the series. The books just keep getting better as she goes. In France her first book, The Ice Princess, just won the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière for Best International Crime Novel. And German crime fans flock to Fjällbacka each summer in ever greater numbers to view the scenes of the crimes.

I just finished translating the third, The Stone Cutter, and the ending shocked both of us and made us say "Wow!" I'd love to hear some comments about what you all think of this series.

05 February 2009

Hot new Danish thriller from Tiina

Tiina has an excellent new translation coming out either May 7 or June 4 from Black Swan/Doubleday: The Library of Shadows by Mikkel Birkegaard. It's an astonishing first novel about the power of reading -- and I do mean POWER. Already translated to 17 languages, and we're expecting great things from this young author. Reg sez check it out.