25 December 2009

Stieg Larsson's Best of 2009 on Amazon.com

Stieg took the following honors on Amazon.com this week for The Girl Who Played with Fire:

Customers' Top 10 Mystery & Thrillers — #4

Top 100 Editors' Picks — #7

Top 100 Customer Favorites — #25

And if you like the cover of TGWPWF, be sure to vote for it on Amazon!


  1. Any idea where I can get DVD copies of the 2nd and 3rd films?

  2. I don't know of any online book or DVD seller in Sweden who will sell outside of Sweden -- in fact, most demand your Swedish person-number or they won't ship. You might try going direct to Yellow Bird Films in Ystad...

  3. The third film is on release in cinemas in Sweden and not yet out on DVD. Fire is out on DVD and is highly recommended - I watched it last night. It is much more tightly edited than the book and the characters seemed more believable and less cartoon-like.

    Boxer Paolo Roberto plays himself in the film - and, disconcertingly, is also the host of a reality TV show currently running on Swedish TV

  4. Tell me how to get the DVDs. Or maybe I can get free copies from Yellow Bird. We saw Fire in Copenhagen last month, thankfully with Danish subtitles.

    Paolo on a reality show! Those happen to be the topic of the Camilla Läckberg mystery I'm just finishing up (#4 in the series).

  5. Reg - try Yellow Bird otherwise I could arrange to post them to you, perhaps when Luftslottet comes out. Apparently they are going to be released in the UK in Spring, presumably with English subtitles, and a lot easier for you to get hold of. YB also seem to be looking to release the Wallander films here, too - and, annoyingly, have dropped English subtitles from the later episodes of series 2 to protect their asset...

    Happy New Year - keep up the good work!