22 February 2009

The latest award — tusind tak

Thanks so much to Dorte H at DJs krimiblog in Denmark for awarding my blog the Fabulous Blog prize. I'll display it with honor. It kind of goes with my fondness for Sophie Kinsella books. (Hope the Shopaholic movie is good.)

Speaking of movies, Men Who Hate Women is coming out this week in Scandinavia. I'll have to get hold of a DVD to try out the all-region player I've got my eye on — tired of being restricted to region 1. If anyone has any DVDs in Nordic languages to sell/give away/otherwise unload, please let me know. I haven't seen any of the Mankell Wallander movies, either the Swedish or English ones...


  1. What are you interested in? Just crime? Have you seen the Danish television series Mordkommissionen?

    I'm equally tired of R2 restrictions, though Son recently tampered with the new box and it's now supposedly region free.

  2. Haven't seen any Danish TV in years. How many discs involved in Mordkommissionen?

    Philips sells DVD players that will supposedly play any region on Amazon over here, so I'm eyeing one of those. Thanks for the info.

  3. If Mordkommissionen is aka Rejseholdet, then I'd also recommend it highly. I thought it had excellent characters and some really good storylines, to the extent that I wasn't bothered by some of the slightly odder touches. (ie LaCoeur verging on psychic on occasion). I preferred it to Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé, which is the other Danish series I've seen recently - bits of it were done nicely, but the main character was rather annoying in the long term!

    Mordkommissionen (assuming it's the right series) had 32 episodes. I have twelve DVDs (region 4, to add to the confusion!), but I don't know if the Scandinavian release was different.

    (As to how I came across these shows, they both aired on SBS in Australia [as "Unit One" and "The Eagle"]. SBS was originally set up as an 'ethnic' tv channel, for want of a better word, and shows a lot of series from Europe.

    There was also an interesting interview with the Danish-to-English subtitler on SBS radio a couple of years ago.)

    Bookwitch, have you seen "Forbrydelsen"? It's next on my crime-DVD-to-purchase list, but comments would be welcome before I spend the money!

  4. Hi Lauren, I don't think I have the time for a 32-episode series right now -- too busy producing new books for people to film... I'm more interested in good new standalone movies, such as Elling, Kitchen Stories, Italian for Beginners, and crime films that didn't get distribution in the States. Tak!

  5. Lauren - yes it's the same series. Though I have 11 DVDs, which I can't explain. My daughter loves the psychic stuff La Coeur does! (Maybe it helps that she doesn't understand Danish and can't read Swedish fast enough to cope with the subtitles.)

    Don't know Forbrydelsen. I only really access Danish films/programmes via Swedish televison in the summer.

  6. Bookwitch, I do *like* La Couer (even if I'm not a teenager and should probably know better), but in a realistic series his talent is a bit odd.

    Reg, I agree about 32-episode series. I've never actually sat down and watched an entire one on DVD like that - all the long things I own were originally seen, at least in part, as weekly episodes on TV. I have neither the time, the patience, nor the eyesight to spend that much time looking at a screen!

    As far as films go, have you seen the Pusher trilogy? Emphatically *not* family viewing, but very good. To be avoided by the squeamish though - my companion for films 1 & 2 couldn't bring herself to see no. 3.

    There's also the recent film about the Danish Resistance, Flame and Citron, which I can't comment on personally (it opens here next week), though it sounds flawed but intriguing.

  7. Now the Danish resistance, that's something I would watch. I used to know two old guys in Seattle who were in it, one in Jylland, one in København.