23 December 2010

Author of the Year in USA Today

Stieg Larsson has been named "Author of the Year" in USA Today. Congratulations once again, Stieg. I hope you're regarding this ride with amusement.


  1. Wow! Congrats to Stieg and, of course, to you too!! It's a great reflection and recognition of your talent, even if they didn't mention you in the article.

    (Hmmm ... I think the Bloggerhood of the Traveling Book should write a letter to the editor. I mean, really, what kind of journalist or even editor wouldn't credit the translator? Bunch o' Scrooges.)

    Well, we recognize and appreciate your work nonetheless.

    And best wishes to you and your family - Happy Holidays!!

  2. Hi OOdozo, thanks for the congrats, Stieg certainly deserves it. 14 million copies in the U.S.? Whoa. What kind of journalist, you ask? Most of them, in my experience... Happy New Year!