11 August 2010

Camilla Läckberg ties the knot in Stockholm

No photos yet, see Ian Johnson's blog. Camilla Läckberg and Martin Melin look ecstatic, while the guests had to huddle under arbors and white umbrellas amidst rain and lightning. Best wishes to them both from sunny New Mexico!


  1. I have just heard you speaking on BBC Radio 4 about your Mankell & Larsson translations and as an Englishman I just had to congratulate you on the use of British/English !! I have read far too many Scandinavian translations for the British market that use American/English which for some "avids" like me find distracting. All I can say is, thank you for the effort you have put into getting it right. Fussy some may say, but I am proud of my language. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Bond, actually I did the books into American English! Anything British you may have found, including "forsooth," "anon," and "gallimaufry," are the work of the Scottish editor. Glad you liked the books!