23 April 2009

New site to benefit Stieg Larsson's
life partner Eva Gabrielsson

Norwegian fans of Stieg Larsson have started a site to collect money to help Eva Gabrielsson pay her legal bills. Read all about it at SupportEva.com.


  1. I sent a note to the Charlie Rose show shaming them for not discussing the translator for the books. Especially because Mr. Mheta noted that books in translation don't usually do very well in the USA.

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Sonny is wrong about that, obviously. It's just an old New York myth. Great books in EXCELLENT translations do very well in the USA -- as did my wife Tiina Nunnally's SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW, or Lucia Graves' SHADOW OF THE WIND. There is so much BS going around about Stieg and his books, I hardly read it anymore.